ALTERMEKA Engineering was established in Ankara, Turkey in 2015 with a vision to offer complete mechanical engineering solutions.

The founder and owner of ALTERMEKA Engineering, Mechanical Engineer Günan GÜRSULAR, who has more than 25 years of knowledge and experience, has completed machine solutions (design and manufacturing) for many different sectors until today. Hundreds of machines, designed and manufactured by him, are being used on many continents of the world today

ALTERMEKA Engineering provides test and analysis-driven design for all kinds of mechanical, hydraulic, electro-hydraulic, electro-mechanical systems. We produce engineering and machinery solutions for problems and manufacture prototype machines for our customers. We use computer-aided engineering software to solve problems of our customers and to design, analyze and test complex engineering machinery systems.

We market products that are designed and produced by ALTERMEKA. In this context we have two international brands:

• With our brand “monoser”, we serve the construction and concrete sector with our own designs and products to the world. www.monoser.com

• With our other brand “clever-mast”, we produce our own design of lifting equipment to provide field movements of prefabricated blocks in various tonnages. We produce Telescopic Mast for military or civilian application and Inclined Elevation system solutions. www.clever-mast.com