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We design, produce, sell and serve our customers with high quality and high reliability machines for pumping, distributing and placing concrete, buckets, handling and lifting equipments, inclined lifting systems, and manipulator systems.

We are proud to offer best-in-class equipment that is engineered to last. Our machines combine high performance, durability and low maintenance with economy, able technical supervision and customization. We ensure maximum performance at optimal safety standards.

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The cladding manipulator is a tool that grasps, directs and rotates, i.e. manipulates, the concrete pavement block to place it in its related rib section. It was used in the ongoing construction of Kuwait International Airport for placing RIB horizontal sections of CLADDING elements.


PB19 portable placing boom is designed to 38m placing diameter (without end-hose). It’s tail system can be completely removed during climbing mast applications or on transportation. Thanks to removable tail structure, the distributor boom section can be used without tail on climbing mast and on four-wheeled special vehicle. It was used in RAN GmbH Construction in Germany.

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